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This Month's Safety Tip:

Extension Cords

Did you know that the use of too many extension cords can be a fire hazard?

Often times extension cords are overloaded or they are pinched which can cause an electrical and fire hazard.

It is much better and safer to have a new electrical receptacle installed and to do away with extension cords. Although there is a cost associated with the installation of a new electrical receptacle, this is a much safer way to go.

Safety should always be considered when utilizing extension cords. Overloading electrical receptacles can cause fires. Donít wait until it is too late to make the right decision.

This Month's Energy Tip:

To save money on heating bills you should check your electrical receptacles located on the exterior walls of you home. Often timeís cold air will pass through the electrical box and into the home creating a draft.

An inexpensive and easy solution to this is to purchase and install foam barriers that are installed behind the electrical receptacle. These foam insulators are available at you local hardware store.



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